quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008

Life till death

There are some people that are so concerned about "not dying", that they don't enjoy being alive.

Others are so concerned about "not getting heart brake", that they don't learn to love again.

Others are so afraid of "everything", that they just don't try new things.

Others are so stuck in the "past", that they don't see the present and the future.

Others are so much time look at the "bad things", that they don't see the good ones.

Others spend time "staring the floor", that they don't look up front.

Others spend time "for things that they don't like", instead of living for the things the love.

Other spend lot of energy "complaining", instead of trying to make it better.

Some other people could just spend time here, writing this about other people, instead of taking care of their own life........Tchau.

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