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What is the truth

Something that i have been thinking about is about the concept of truth we have in our society. This after watch a documentary about UFO (

What is really the truth?
Nowadays the truth its something that is very bendable, distorted, slided etc. My first point is, we only believe on things that are programmed in our minds to be believable or possible. That means that we have a boundary of our believe or truth. The UFO situation is one of the most interesting situations where we found lot of this problem. Let us see:

Every people that say something about alien, no matter who they are, credibility it has, it will be ignored. Not because is a lie or either truth, but because those that we believe that tell us the truth, didn't pronounce the subject. Well, actually they did it, but not everybody are satisfied with the answer.

Ok, let suppose we are skeptic my question is, with all reports around the world, all those people are crazy, had vision, of course am taking away those that can be explained. I question skeptics because, every single factor can be distorted, or because the person need attention, or whatever, and most funny is that, if one of the skeptics start to believe, the other going to say that is crazy. :)

Now the believers, lot of cases are, people can really could (and i say could because neither can i say that is true or false) had something that happened with them. Many situation the skeptic are right, some of stories can be explained with natural effect. But believers sometimes just want to believe in something, without even think about the issue.

I am not Doctor, just finish my master, but I think am not stupid, look at this, a man want to prove that alien abduction can be faked in laboratory, DAHH of course, this to prove the hypnoses can create memories that doesn't exist. You see, that means that the patient that goes to a doctor and the doctor probably say - "Since you were abducted by aliens, now I going to put you some alien abduction".

I remember a movie where was a woman with multi-personality, and the therapist discovered and she wanted to speak about the subject. Her friend, (man) told her that is not possible, because such a thing does not exist (DAH, again, this person is really a scientist ?), well, if you don't know, you can not say that it doesn't exit, and in this case, she just discovered.

With this what i say is that as much we human think that we know, more dummy we get.

Keeping you mind open is very important to learn, because, if you only see one side, you will not have balance. Todays truth is something that belongs to each other, and is relative, it's not absolute anymore, actually i wounder if in any case was absolute. Believe or not believe in something is up to you, the question is, WHY?

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